Adrian "FRO" Johnson

is known for his gritty and street gospel rap ministry. He is also known for his faith walk. He preaches the Gospel of Christ, through rap, full time. He takes his lead from the Holy Spirit. Such a walk, gets very frustrating and get blurry at times. When we go through moments when we feel like God isn't speaking or leading. Yet, we hold on to WHAT HE SAID and WHAT HE PROMISED. 

While having a conversation with his wife, FRO was reflecting on the choices and path he was on. A simple question struck him. "Am I stupid" he asked, "Forreal, am I stupid, for walking this walk"? Answering his own question , he response was "I just fell like my faith is stupid, I trust God, but I know I look crazy"

After days of mediating on that conversation, thats when he decided to put "My Faith Is 2 Stupid " on a shirt. At that moment, no one knew how great of ministry was being birthed at that moment. The stories and testimonies behind this profound declaration are yet unfolding.....are you part of that movement?? We ALL can have STUPID FAITH!